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Camfrog bot

Hola alguien podría decirme porque no me conectan mis bots? Me dice New versión Como podría resolverlo??

Solicitaré una versión más nueva de Camfrog Bot Cloud en el enlace y la versión anterior se extinguirá.


what Camfrog VIP motivate Thay Still Ban Me Look Like need me Finish Play Camfrog, but I take care server Bot / I tell Thay exchange to Bot Could Why Angry? or Camfrog Planning and Command they |If need me out waiting 30 day I out and don't come back forever don't bad manner like this i have many prove hacker here damp i emailed to TOS and you ignore clear. he hacks my DATA and give back / After back i just know it connection all room in Camfrog i don't know how to off it / I send my picture Update 2021 to you too 

(98.2 KB)
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