Earn Props every day that you join a room on Camfrog with your webcam on. The longer you maintain an unbroken daily Room Join streak, the more Props you can earn each time. 

Below is the Daily Room Join Streak earnings rate table. 


Streak DayProps EarnedDay Type
Day 1             0.0001Streak
Day 2             0.0002Streak
Day 3-4             0.0003Streak
Day 5-6             0.0007Streak
Day 7             0.0500Milestone
Day 8-13             0.0010Streak
Day 14             0.5000Milestone
Day 15-29             0.0250Streak
Day 30             2.5000Milestone
Day 31-89             0.0350Streak
Day 90           10.0000Milestone
Day 91-364             0.0400Streak
Day 365           50.0000Milestone
Day 366+             0.0500Streak

Earnings Rate Table updated: 2020/11/16