Due to increased security risks, this is highly discouraged, however we understand sometimes a room needs to transfer to another account. To help with this, we have set up a process for our support team to do this for you. Here's how it works:

  1. As the room owner, you must enable SMS verification on your account, and have a verified email address on your account. You can update your email address, and enable SMS verification on your account by logging in to Your Profile Settings
  2. Submit a new support ticket by emailing helpdesk@camfrog.com or tapping "New Support Ticket" above. You MUST contact us from the verified email address on the owner account. 
  3. Our support team will verify your information, and confirm that you want to remove the room from your account and that you understand what is required.
  4. Once you confirm with our support team, you must then wait a minimum of 14 days before continuing.
  5. After a minimum of 14 days, our team will reply to your ticket (or you can reply to the ticket at that point as well) to ask you to confirm once again that you want the room removed from your account.
  6. After you have confirmed again, our team will temporarily suspend the room. This means the room will go offline for 24 hours
  7. After this final 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation from our team, as well as a password reset email to set a password to the room name, which you can use to migrate the room to another owner account.

It is important to note, that our support team will only be able to do this once per 90 days per customer (even if you have multiple nicks/rooms)

Also note: you will not be credited for any room subscription time remaining on your account after a room goes offline for a transfer. Room subscriptions cannot be transferred to other usernames. For this reason, you should plan accordingly. If you have further questions not answered here, please tap the "New Support Ticket" link above.