We're excited to make it easier than ever to start your own live group video chat room, so you can start making new friends from all over the world, or just to chat with your existing friends!

If you have a Camfrog Pro, Extreme, or Gold membership, you can now launch your own room, directly from your Profile Settings on camfrog.com

Just login with your existing room name, or if you don't have one, just tap to register a new one instantly! You can manage your room settings right there as well! When you upgrade to Camfrog Pro, Extreme, or Gold, you'll automatically get a complimentary 25 user room for your friends, as well as the ability to upgrade to an even bigger room with more features!

We're excited to start rolling this out to all our members. If you don't have access to launch a room yet, you'll be getting it shortly!

Not yet a subscriber? It's a great time to upgrade with an annual subscription and lock in a limited time low price! Subscribe to Camfrog Today

Note: Once a room is linked to your account, it cannot be used elsewhere. If you need support, please contact our team at helpdesk@camfrog.com or by tapping "New Support Ticket" above