On Camfrog, you get to choose the friends and rooms you participate with. A key part of making this happen is knowing how you can set up your account. With the below advice, you’ll be able to make your account as safe as possible.

1. Secure your account

First, we need to ensure that your account credentials and login information are as secure as possible. 

  • Having a strong password is key to protecting your account. Choose a long password with a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special characters that is hard to guess and that you don’t use for anything else. 
  • We recommend checking out password managers like 1Password (Mac) or Dashlane (Windows), which make creating and storing secure passwords extremely easy.

Consider enabling SMS verification 

  • SMS Verification is a great way to protect your account.  Your phone number will never be shown and used only for confirmation of your actions. Increase your account’s security with SMS Authentication by adding your phone number to your Camfrog account.
  • You can enable SMS Verification in your User Settings on your profile page.

2. Set your privacy & safety settings 

Your privacy settings are very important. They give you control over who can contact you and what they can send you. You can access them by going into your Profile Page and selecting the Privacy Tab.

Instant messages (IM) settings

  • You might only want certain people to contact you. By default, whenever you’re signed in with your Camfrog ID, other members can send you an instant message (IM). 
  • You can toggle your status from Online, Away, Busy, Invisible, and Privacy to help filter IMs from members in a room or online who aren’t on your friends list.  Selecty Privacy   so that only people on your Friend's List can message you.
  • To change this setting for your Camfrog account you would sign into your desktop app, click on the circle in the upper left corner, then select the option you would like to be set as

Enable more advanced settings

  • Ability to not allow users to see what chat room you are in
  • Do not show your popularity - minimize how many people can view your profile
  • Enable IM Catcher.  This helps filter out messages sent to you from member not on your list
  • Disable your friend's list.  Please read more on "What is profile privacy mode".  
  • Ability to enable a word filter
  • Manage blocked members, IM History, and Visible Users

3. Follow safe account practices

As with any online interaction, we recommend following some simple rules while you’re on Camfrog:

Be wary of suspicious links and files 
  • DON'T click on links that look suspicious or appear to have been shortened or altered. Camfrog will try and warn you about links that are questionable, but it’s no substitute for thinking before you click.
  • DON'T download files or applications from users you don't know or trust. Were you expecting a file from someone? If not, don’t click the file!
  • DON'T open a file that your browser or computer has flagged as potentially malicious without knowing it’s safe.
Never give away account information
  • DON'T give away your Camfrog account login or password information to anyone. We’ll never ask for your password. We also won’t ask for your Credit Card or Billing information, and you should never give that to anyone.
  • DON'T give away account information for any account you own on any platform to other users on Camfrog. Malicious individuals might ask for this information and use it to take over your accounts.
  • DO report any accounts who claim to be Camfrog staff or who ask for account information to the Helpdesk.

Again, Camfrog will never ask you for your password either by email or by Camfrog instant message. If you believe your account has been compromised, please reach out to helpdesk@camfrog.com

4. Block other users when needed

We understand that there are times when you might not want to interact with someone. We want everyone to have a positive experience on Camfrog and have you covered in this case.

How blocking works 
  • When you block someone on Camfrog, they will be removed from your friends list (if they were on it) and will no longer be able to send you IMs.
  • Any message history you have with the user will remain, but any new messages will not go through.  If the the other member posts or chats in the same room you will still be able to hear them

How to block a user 


When another Camfrog member sends you and IM you will have the ability to block them with the feature located under their username in the window.  You can manage your blocked users as well in your desktop app settings under "Privacy"

If you have blocked a user but they create a new account to try and contact you, please report the user to the Trust & Safety team. helpdesk@camfrog.com