Your privacy is affected by what you broadcast or post about yourself on Camfrog. Be cautious of what you share, and what you would like others to see.

To keep your Camfrog profile more private go to your contact list then "actions" and "settings".  Next choose "privacy" settings.  You can then choose to not participate in Camfrog social features and you can also hide your friends list. Go to your status to switch to "Privacy" mode where you can't receive instant messages from people who you have not added to your contact list.

Be aware of what's going on around you when you are on webcam. If you are talking on the phone while broadcasting video make sure you don't accidentally say something that could allow people watching you to know more about you than you want them to.

Do not divulge personal details, avoid downloading files from strangers, be sure your logins are secure, check out the platform security settings and what they have to offer.

Posting or broadcasting someone else's personal information on Camfrog is a serious violation of our Terms of Service and this could also cause you to be permanently suspended from Camfrog. 

For more pointers check out his great blog on safety and security.