Never give your password to anyone. If you are logging into take a look at your address bar and make sure it says Never put your Camfrog login and password information into a form that is not There are sites set up to mimic ours.

Avoid accepting files from strangers. No matter how tempting it may be the file the stranger is sending is probably a computer virus / .exe file.

Be sure of who you invite to your room. Inviting large amounts of people to your room could cause you to be suspended from Camfrog permanently if not properly moderated.

Try not to post join links to your room in other rooms without permission. Spamming join links could cause you to be suspended from Camfrog for spamming.

Everyone hates Spam, Spam (Instant Message Spam) and Phishing.  We have put many systems in place to try and stop malicious users but occasionally these users will still get through our defenses.  To report users engaging in these activities visit their profiles and click the "report abuse" link so we can investigate and take appropriate action. 

Camfrog will never IM you for information. If you are ever suspicious please contact