As your Camfrog Rewards increase, you can earn complimentary exclusive Virtual Gifts.

For every 10 Camfrog Rewards you earn on Camfrog, you will receive a random exclusive Camfrog Rewards themed Virtual Gift to your nickname.

How does this work? When you get to 10 Camfrog Rewards, you will unlock your first gift, then a second gift at 20 Camfrog Rewards, then another at 30, etc...

These complementary gifts are only awarded from Props earned on Camfrog. If you take an action that increases your balance by more than 10 Camfrog Rewards (connecting a wallet, earning some larger bonus amount) you may only receive one Gift per balance increasing action. This means, if your Camfrog Rewards balance increases by 200 Camfrog Rewards in one action, you will only receive one bonus Virtual Gift for that action increasing your balance. At your next 10 Camfrog Rewards, you earn on Camfrog, you may receive the next bonus Virtual Gift.

Exclusive Camfrog Rewards Themed Virtual Gifts range in XP values from 50XP to 500XP. Each bonus gift is chosen at random when reaching a "10 Camfrog Rewards" milestone.