When you reach certain Props Wallet balances, you could receive complimentary Virtual Gifts. When you receive Virtual Gifts you also earn XP, which can help you unlock new achievement levels, stand out with a cool achievement icon, show up higher in user lists and leaderboards, and more.

Below is a table of available Virtual Gifts that you can earn based on your Props Wallet balance. If your Props Wallet balance drops below the minimum required Props, bonus gifts may be removed (and subsequently any bonus XP, achievement levels, bonus coins, etc... may also be removed. If bonus coins have been spent sending Virtual Gifts, those sent Virtual Gifts may also be removed along with any status that may be granted from such) Each bonus level can only be earned once per 180 days. This means if you receive a Virtual Gift bonus for having 2.5 Props in your wallet today, but tomorrow your Props balance drops below 2.5 Props, the bonus Virtual Gift will be removed, and you may not be able to earn the bonus gift for achieving 2.5 Props for 180 days.


           0.50Disco Ball
           1.00Disco Ball
           4.00Fidget Spinner Frog
           5.00Surfer Frog
           7.50Frogosaurus Rex
         10.00More Cowbell
         15.00Camfrog Soda
         20.00Camfrog Soda
         25.00Gold Webcam
         35.00Chinese Tea Set
         40.00Tiki Drink
         45.00DJ Turntables
         50.00Ballooning Frog
         75.00Frogosaurus Rex
         88.80Maneki Neko - Lucky Cat
         95.00Surfer Frog
      100.00Golden Camfrogger
      110.00Tiki Drink
      120.00Karaoke Frog
      130.00Surfer Frog
      140.00Snow Cone
      150.00Outer Space Frog
      160.00Snow Cone
      170.00Gold Roses
      180.00Golden Camfrogger
      190.00More Cowbell
      200.00Camfrog Rewards Milestone Medal
      215.00Gold Webcam
      245.00Karaoke Frog
      260.00Ballooning Frog
      275.00Tiki Drink
      290.00Maneki Neko - Lucky Cat
      300.00Fidget Spinner Frog
      315.00Snow Cone
      330.00More Cowbell
      345.00Golden Camfrogger
      350.00Props Reward - Props Gang
      355.00Props Reward - Baby Blue
      365.00Props Reward - Pirate's Booty
      375.00Props Reward - Frog Swag
      385.00Props Reward - Golden Key
      400.00Props Reward Gift
      415.00Props Reward - Baby Blue
      430.00Props Reward - Snappy the Snazzy Snail
      445.00Props Reward - Friends
      460.00Props Reward Gift
      475.00Gold Roses
      485.00Props Reward - Cookie
      500.00Props Reward - Hammy's Treasure
      510.00Snow Cone
      520.00Props Reward - Cookie
      530.00Props Reward - Baby Blue
      540.00Camfrog Car Keys
      550.00Props Reward - Baby Blue
      560.00Props Reward - Martian Buddy
      570.00Gold Webcam
      580.00Maneki Neko - Lucky Cat
      590.00Fidget Spinner Frog
      600.00Props Reward - Props Gang
      610.00Chinese Tea Set
      620.00Props Reward - Golden Key
      630.00Tiki Drink
      650.00Props Reward - Baby Blue
      655.00Props Reward - Hammy's Treasure
      660.00Props Reward - Baby Blue
      665.00Gold Webcam
      670.00Props Reward - Golden Key
      680.00Props Reward Gift
      685.00Karaoke Frog
      690.00Camfrog Soda
      695.00Maneki Neko - Lucky Cat
      700.00Props Reward - Frog Swag
      705.00Tiki Drink
      710.00Props Reward - Hammy's Treasure
      715.00Frogosaurus Rex
      720.00Outer Space Frog
      730.00Ballooning Frog
      735.00Ballooning Frog
      740.00Props Reward Gift
      745.00Props Reward - Baby Blue
      750.00Props Reward - Frog Swag
      760.00Camfrog Soda
      765.00Disco Ball
      770.00Ballooning Frog
      777.00Maneki Neko - Lucky Cat
      785.00Camfrog Car Keys
      790.00More Cowbell
      800.00Props Reward - Cookie
      805.00Chinese Tea Set
      810.00Props Reward - Golden Key
      815.00Props Reward - Props Gang
      820.00Snow Cone
      825.00Tiki Drink
      835.00Props Reward - Baby Blue
      840.00Outer Space Frog
      845.00Fidget Spinner Frog
      875.00Frogosaurus Rex
      888.00Props Reward - Props Gang
      900.00Gold Webcam
      910.00Disco Ball
      920.00Gold Roses
      930.00Chinese Tea Set
      950.00Props Reward - Frog Swag
      960.00Camfrog Car Keys
      970.00Props Reward - Hammy's Treasure
      980.00Golden Camfrogger
      990.00DJ Turntables
   1,010.00Outer Space Frog
   1,020.00Props Reward - Baby Blue
   1,030.00Snow Cone
   1,040.00Surfer Frog
   1,050.00RED HOT!
   1,060.00Snow Cone
   1,070.00Props Reward - Snappy the Snazzy Snail
   1,080.00Disco Ball
   1,090.00Props Reward - Props Gang
   1,100.00Props Reward - Martian Buddy
   1,110.00Outer Space Frog
   1,120.00Props Reward - Golden Key
   1,130.00Props Reward - Snappy the Snazzy Snail
   1,140.00Frogosaurus Rex
   1,150.00Camfrog Car Keys
   1,160.00Snow Cone
   1,170.00Props Reward - Frog Swag
   1,180.00More Cowbell
   1,190.00Props Reward - Cookie
   1,200.00Ballooning Frog

Virtual Gift Bonuses Table updated: 2020/08/20