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Herrytheking is a Camrog Room operator is very bad!

Herrytheking is a Camrog Room operator. The most important room in all of Camfrog. I wish Camfrog support knew that this operator blocks and punishes users for no reason.

If he dislikes someone he punishes him. Today, for example, I just asked him if he was okay and I was punished for 3 days.

This is not normal. Other users have complained that it is not possible to write in other languages. English is not the only language in this world.

How many of you have had similar problems with Herrytheking?

I hope Camfrog support will do something about it. Herrytheking must no longer be an operator or anything else even if he changes his id.

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 Here is my advice, do with it as you will. If you have any issue with any moderator either personal or room rule based, your first contact should be to the moderator via IM. if you cannot reach out to the moderator due to them being on privacy or you do not agree with the answer you have been given then your next step will be to contact the room admin. The admin will then mediate between both partys to try to establish what happened and make a decision as to wether your punishment was justified. If you question and decision a moderator/admin has made within the room (typing in main chat or on mic) you will be breaking one of the basic room rules "please respect all users". It is considered disrespectful to question or argue with mods/admins decisions within the room. CamfrogAdmin will not involve themselves in room based user issues, that is what the room admin are there for. If you feel that a moderator has taken a dislike to you then you can simply place that moderator on ignore and do not converse with them. If you are chatting with your friends and not causing issues then there is no reason that you need to approach that moderator even to say "hi".

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I can absolutley confirm what Rob is saying. You guys should also check your abuse tickets as I tried to reach out to you throughout this way before.

You might consider re-establishing friendly OP's who are willing to interact with the community in a friendly way.

I could also provied witnesses about incidents which are ridiculous in all of our eyes. Myself was punished for talking on the mic and not changing the topic, even if I was communicating in my native language which he is unable to understand to the fullest (german)

So , I asked back into the room if anyone else is molested by us talking but nor in text or either on mic anyone confirmed to be bothered.

But just to ask instead of blindly following his "advice" gave me three days. Ya, I know it says "If a operator ask you to .." and I would follow this as it would have a proper reason.

How said, I am fully behind Rob's facts and would welcome if you consider to teach harry how to proper act beecause he is representing your entire program while beeing an operator in camfrog room.


Mr_Rob is correct said.

Why u blocked me
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