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Issue on version

While I'm writing on a pad, Camfrog crashed.

No problem... I will restart.

Impossible: now Camfrog, after the main window, shows me a pop-up 'Camfrog Video chat has stopped working'  to send the error report, then, in any case, it closes.

- I tried to reinstall Camfrog:  after installation, the same behavior !!!!

- I don't try to do make a more robust uninstall-reinstall, maybe I risk missing my license.

Severe problem:  Camfrog is unusable!!!    I need fast help.

In attach the error report.


Best regards



Today worked for ten minutes, then again: crash.

It is happens doing cut/paste thai text from google translate. In the paste phase.

i have same problem but i dont uninstall and get new i cant log in again!!

i have a livetime pro lizens but i cant log in

My solution: re-install the old version !

notes: vs

- 7 don't work (still the same error message!), 6 does

- 7 is slow loading a room, 6 faster

- 7 new look: I don't like !  6 better

- 7 consumes fewer resources, 6:  CPU occupation growing with time: from 10% to 80% (!!!):  I must change room to low it. When it grows too much (90%) blocks all input and screen: I must kill the cf process.

- 7 I can't resize the image by drag. 6: resizing is  more friendly

- 7,6: both: bad use of treads!  e,g, when loading a new room you can do nothing,  e.g. you can't close a message box ! not normal.

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