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Camera Control Suggestion for General Rooms

I have a suggestion for rooms open to public users
This Feature Will Be Really Perfect For Rooms With A Lot Of Users
Sometimes administrators cannot see New Logins
Camera controls are a bit difficult in a room with 250 people

Open Auto Login's Camera 

Automatically Turn On The Camera Of Logged In Users Watch 10 Seconds And Turn It Off

Camfrog Parental Controls
Webcam Control Will Be So Easy
Learn how to use parental controls with Camfrog.


Camfrog parental controls allow you to add feature restrictions to other Camfrog user accounts or block other users from using Camfrog completely. Please note the Camfrog Terms of Service require users between the ages 13-18 to use Camfrog with adult supervision.

Please See Sharing Picture
Control will be nice with this Tool


(35.7 KB)

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If CF does not add blocking and abusive user options it will soon be server blocked in my country.

I think this feature will be very nice.

If you email the helpdesk and ask them to forward your idea to the Dev team, they may be interested to hear your ideas.

Danny, you need to contact camfrog direct via the helpdesk, this is for feature requests not complaints or concerns, just saying...

please on camera

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