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The cloud bot service

So Camfrog bots have been around a long time, back in the old days there weren't that secure and ultimately lead them to be discontinued unless you had an active and working bot pro code, It got me thinking how sad this is to lose such a fun little perk to having your own room.

So I thought why not bring it back but only via the cloud service (via the room web panel) that all room owners have access too, this has proven to be a more secure way of having a bot as the panel is accessed via a users profile page and can be protected with 2 step verification.

The bot could be built into the web panel and maybe have additional purchases such as additional addons and question packs and math packs or even community addons that users have created that have gone through a strict Camfrog approval process.

The bot itself could be free with every room but require you to upgrade it with various addons and have the ability to turn it on or off via the web panel.

Just a thought :)

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This is great feedback, and is something we do have on our roadmaps, however we do not have a release timeline for this at this point.

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 just to add to this a small comment,the ability to ignore the cds bots would be a good thing to return so we dont have to keep switching the trivia/math ect on and off due to users moaning lol

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MSorry to keep you waiting with my opinion. From what I know the bot you mean is not lost even it still gives me time to try to get it back as before.



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