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Flagged cams


     Is there any way to implement a way to either close the flagged image or replace it with "actioned" once a decision has been made on it. When the room text is slow and 3 or 4 users flag certain cams some disturbing images remain visable for longer than desired.

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That's a good idea. We have something similar for that, however this would require some significant changes to the app to support this. We'll investigate this further.

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Cool, thanks for the reply.

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About the problem of apps / apps I will make the best and quality for Camfrog based on the experience I have. Thank you for sharing for Camfrog. 

I have a few suggestions in my opinion that the position of the OP does not need to be changed. Because it will risk the software system. We already know there are many hackers in Camfrog.

Please don't let them block CF. It makes sense to allow users to block anyone they want. Without it they will soon shut down access to CF. This is the same thing that happened to Craigslist personals, Redbook, Napster, Megashare/upload and The Silk Road. CF shpouldnt be considered criminal but wit no blocking criminals are taking advantage and the government is considering taking action.

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