WARNING: Camfrog cracks contain Trojans and Malicious Viruses

Due to the unique way our central server functions Camfrog cracks do not work and they will never work in the future.     We have looked carefully at many cracks that were being shared by users and we found that 100% of these cracks contain Trojans or other malicious code. Not only do these cracks contain viruses but they don't even work!        


If you want Camfrog Pro please support us and upgrade by using the registration page

Please don't install cracks or you will not only hurt Camfrog, but you could possibly allow anyone to have full control over your computer or infect your computer with a virus.        


Trojans allow anyone on the Internet to access your computer and control it from a remote location. 

These users can see what you are doing at any time and may even be able to see you through your webcam. 

Some cracks even contain malicious programs that are made to ruin your computer permanently and this could cost you thousands of dollars!        


If you have installed a crack you should go to add/remove programs and uninstall Camfrog completely. 

Next use an antivirus software to scan your computer. If your antivirus program cannot find any malicious programs you may want to reformat your hard drive just to be safe.        


Please support Camfrog Pro and upgrade the legal way and don't give hackers access to your computer by using illegal cracks that don't work. Camfrog reserves the right to ban and prosecute any users who are using or spreading these malicious cracks and viruses.        

Keep Camfrog secure, don't use cracks!

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