Earn Camfrog Rewards every day that you tap the Check-In button inside the app. The longer you maintain an unbroken daily check-in streak, the more Camfrog Rewards you can earn each time. Currently daily checkin is only available in Camfrog for Android, and Camfrog for iOS.

Below is the Daily In-App Checkin Streak earnings rate table. 


Streak DayCamfrog Rewards EarnedDay Type
Day 1.0125Streak
Day 2.015Streak
Day 3.0175Streak
Day 40.02
Day 5.0225Streak
Day 6.025Streak
Day 7.05Milestone
Day 8-14.0375Streak
Day 15-29.01Streak
Day 305Milestone
Day 31-44.0625Streak
Day 45-89.075Streak
Day 9025Milestone
Day 91-119.0875
Day 120-179.1Streak
Day 18050Milestone
Day 181-319.1125Streak
Day 320-364.125Streak
Day 36575Milestone
Day 365+.1625Streak

Earnings Rate Table updated: 2020/11/16