While making an order, if you see an error page stating "we are unable to process your order" we can help!

This is usually due to something in your order, or account triggering an automated anti-fraud filter. We can resolve this by verifying some information with you. To do this, simply click on the "Submit a Request" button at the top of this page:

In the subject, enter "Verify my order"

If you made a previous order that was declined, please include your order number in the description, as well as your Camfrog nickname that you are purchasing FROM, and if you are sending a gift to another user, please let us know the nickname you are sending TO.

Our support team may need to verify your card and a photo ID. You can submit a picture of the card you are using, however you should redact or block out all the numbers except for the last 4 digits, as well as your name. You should also submit a government issued photo ID (You can redact or block out sensitive information, except for your photo, and the name and address)

You can include these verification photos as attachments on the submit a request form, or you can attach them by email if our support team requests.

Note: You can view our Privacy Policy by clicking HERE.

Please also note, that due to security reasons, we can only accept PayPal payments from verified PayPal accounts. For more information on how to confirm your PayPal account, please visit PayPal's support website by clicking HERE

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