Hopping in to offer a friendly reminder about account security and your individual privacy options.

Follow these tips and stay out of the Danger Zone:

1. Make sure your Camfrog password has both letters and numbers. You can change your password by logging into Camfrog.com and going to “Settings”. If you lost your password, you can have it resent to you from our "lost password" page.

2. NEVER enter your Camfrog nickname or password anywhere other than Camfrog.com or in the Camfrog software. Other sites that require your Camfrog login information may not be secure or trustworthy and could result in your account or information being abused or stolen.

3. DO NOT ever give your credit card information via instant message, chat, or email. Camfrog will not ask for your full credit card information aside from our secure registration pages when you buy Camfrog Pro.

4. NEVER buy Camfrog Pro from any website other than Camfrog.com. Subscriptions purchased from other parties or websites are NOT VALID. Please contact us if you see Camfrog Pro for sale on a website other than Camfrog.com.

5. DO NOT post personal information such as your real name, home address or phone number in your profile. You can change your profile any time by logging into Camfrog.com and going to “Settings”.

6. DO NOT accept, download or open files sent to you from unknown users. Files from unknown users may contain malware that could allow access your computer illegally. If you must accept a file, be sure to scan it with up to date antivirus software.

7. Hide your email address in your user profile by logging into Camfrog.com and then checking “Hide email address” in your profile “Settings”.

8. Report any Camfrog users who violate our Terms of Service by clicking on their profile the "Report Abuse" link. You can also visit our Abuse & Safety Center for more information on how to stay safe on Camfrog.

9. Don't want to receive messages from strangers? Change your Camfrog status to "Privacy" via the drop down menu at the top of your contact list. In “Privacy” mode, only users on your friend list can contact you. You can also change your Camfrog status to "Invisible" if you don't want anyone to see you are online.

10. A user sending you rude IMs and your status is not in “Privacy”? You can block them by clicking "Block" in the IM window and then give them bad feedback when offered.

11. Is someone in your family is a Camfrog user between 13 and 18 years of age? Please monitor their chat room activity carefully. Visit http://www.safekids.com/ and http://www.getnetwise.org/ for online safety tips.

Please have fun on Camfrog and stay safe!

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