Our recent software updates includes some new features just for room owners to help combat spammers and flooders from disrupting your room. Here's how they work!

Using the /setopt command, you can adjust multiple limits. Here's a brief rundown on the latest 3 parameters:

/setopt delayed_posting

This will delay chat messages from free members for a few seconds. If the member leaves the room before the message is posted, the message is discarded. To remove any delays, change the attribute of the delayed_posting parameter to 0

/setopt delayed_posting 0

/setopt text_len_limit

This setting limits the maximum amount of characters per message for free members, or disables chatting completely for free members. Here are 3 examples of how to use this setting:

1: /setopt text_len_limit off

This will block all chat messages from free members in your room.

2: /setopt text_len_limit 0

This disables all text limits. Free members can chat without character length restrictions.

3: /setopt text_len_limit 50

This limits free members chat to 50 characters. Any chat message with more than 50 characters will be filtered/discarded.

/setopt smile_limit

This setting limits the maximum amount of emoticons that are allowed in a single message. You can choose any value between 0 and 250. If you have a limit of 10 emoticons per message, and someone sends a chat message with 15 emoticons, only the first 10 will show in the chat.

Remember, you can always type /help in a chatroom to see which commands are available to you. If you need help with a specific command, just type that command without any arguments to see more details. For example, you can simply type: /setopt to see all available settings, as well as parameters for that command.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact us any time. You can do so by clicking the "Submit a Request" link at the top of this page, or by emailing us at helpdesk@camfrog.com

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